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What type of Jewellery Would Your Teen Daughter Love

by Meghana Mehta 12 Aug 2021

Teens these days are into things that you don't understand, right? The generation gap really hits when you try to find something that they would like to wear everyday, be it a piece of clothing or jewelry. Would she really like a father daughter bracelet or will she just never wear it again? Here are a few ideas to find the right jewelry for your teenage daughter.


1.    A Locket


Lockets are a forever love for the teens. With their constant wonderment over things like lucky charms, teens usually love to have one such piece of jewelry that they would carry around everywhere. A locket that goes with everything would be the perfect choice as it also comes with less maintenance. All you have to do is just wear it around your neck!


Get a golden locket so that it matches most of her outfits. You can also get her initials on the pendant or even get a pendant that opens up. It would be a cute idea to have a dad and daughter necklace that has an opening pendant with a picture of you and your daughter inside as a little token of love.


2.    Simple Steel Bracelet

The craze of simple bracelets never dies around in teens. It is always a trend to wear bands of their favorite bikes or actors and this one would be a loving father daughter bracelet.

Get a bracelet that is very simple and in fact, just a band around hand without much hangings on it. The fancier you go, the less often your daughter will wear it. If you keep it casual, it will become an everyday wear. So you decide which way you want to go.

To make it an even special father daughter bracelet you can get a little message engraved on the back of the band. It would make her feel special everytime she looks at it.


3.    Inspirational Necklace


If you wish to be there for your girl through a special dad and daughter necklace then this would make the perfect gift. Get a regular steel chained necklace with a flat pendant. This pendant could have an engraved message on it that you would like your daughter to remember in her bad times.

Such an inspirational message would give your personal touch to that dad and daughter necklace.


4.    DIY Bracelet

Speaking of adding personal touches to the jewelleries, why not make your own jewelry?! You can easily find a DIY bracelet making kit in any gift shop with which you can create a mix that you know for sure will please your daughter.

You can use different patterns of weaving and your daughter's favorite colors. There are also other elements you can add on to make this father daughter bracelet special.


5.    Simple Beads Necklace


If you want something a little fancy, that your daughter can wear on special occasions then you can go for a simple black or neutral beads necklace. The necklace could be completely made out of beads or just have a mid-section made out of big beads as a highlight of the dad and daughter necklace.

This beady necklace could be something special that you give your teenage daughter. If you get one in black or tan shades then it's more wearable as it will go with everything.  

6.    Her Favorites Bracelet


Get a personalized father daughter bracelet telling your teen queen how much you know her and love her. In this personalized bracelet you could add a miniature of all her favorite things. You could focus on one genre like food, so including all her favorite food icons like a little pizza slice, burger, ice cream, etc or you can include all her favorites with food, TV show, hobbies, etc.

This father daughter bracelet will not just be a reminder of your bond but also represent her tastes. Teenagers love jewelry that represents who they are and this lovely bracelet would do just that.


You can include these miniatures in the form of design or hanging icons. If you choose to make it hanging, don't make it too long as it might get difficult to carry around most of the time and eventually your daughter will grow out of it.

Final Words

We hope this has reduced your confusion a little bit and helped you narrow down your search! Remember that your daughter loves you and will willingly accept any piece of jewelry you choose. So don't give it much thought and go for the thing that pleases your eye the most and you'll be fine!


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