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How Cool Would It be to Gift Anime Products to your Weeb Friend

by Meghana Mehta 12 Aug 2021

How Cool Could Gifting A Sharingan Chain Be For Your Best Friend?


If your best friend is an anime fan, specifically a Naruto fan, then you would have seen how obsessive they can get with the Naruto fandoms. You have probably seen them crying when some character dies or yelling in joy and adrenaline when some character saves the day, punching the air when some amazing fight is taking place, and simping over some hot Naruto character, read: Kakashi or Kurenai.


Now, if you are looking for a great gift for your friend who is a die-hard Naruto fan, look no further. This long anime has a lot of things you can probably purchase the merchandise of; however, the Sharingan chain has a whole different style.

What is the Sharingan?

Translating to the Copy Wheel Eye or Mirror Wheel, this is a power ranking among the Three Great Dojutsu and is selectively found in the Uchiha clan. We probably first came across it in Sasuke’s case or Kakashi’s case. To activate this, it requires a powerful emotion about the person closest to them and reflects the state of the heart. While in the anime, it has majorly been associated with stress or loss of a loved one, it also has had positive connotations like reunions or protective motivations.


This ability can also be transplanted to someone else who doesn’t belong to the Uchiha clan as was famously seen in many cases in the anime. The powers of the Sharingan are absolutely badass. The main abilities of the Sharingan are the Eye of Insight and the Eye of Hypnotism.


One can see chakra and another can help gain perception by even seeing things at a cellular level. The Sharingan helps in copying jutsu and can memorize anything with perfect accuracy. It can help in performing Genjutsu and manipulate the enemies, like seeing the future. The Sharingan can also be used to manipulate reality which puts reality and illusion in a timeless loop. The Sharingan can also fully evolve to a Mangekyo Sharingan which is the highest level it can achieve.

Why would it be a great gift for your friend?

Naruto is in the top-three ranked anime of all time and the whole anime community knows about Naruto. It has been the childhood favorite of so many millennial children all across the world. Hence, these symbols have been widely popular across all anime fans and they have become iconic symbols in many anime merchandise. Why should you give this to your anime-loving best friend?


1.    Tribute to the friendship you both share.

Naruto and Sasuke were always at loggerheads with each other, however, the bond they both shared was so deep. The whole anime centered around Naruto’s desire to get Sasuke back to his senses and come back to their village. What better way to symbolize this with the Sharingan pendant that is almost iconic for the Sasuke character?

2.    The symbol stands for power and strength.

The Sharingan has immense power and strength and any character who possesses it gets to tap into it. The Sharingan is symbolic as it depicts great strength in the face of any emotional trauma and distress. When looking at the Sharingan, it would remind the friend to be strong in the face of adversity.

3.    Tells you you have to keep going.

This is one major message the anime sends out throughout its premise. While wearing the Sharingan chain which is symbolic of Sasuke’s long-drawn emotional journey reminds you of his problems and issues. You would also remember how persistent Naruto was in face of all challenges and how he never lost sight of his goal. This chain would remind you also to move on when issues arise.

4.    It’s fashionable!

Like all anime merchandise, this is super fashionable to wear thanks to the vivid colors of red and black which go well with any casual outfit. The patterns are really unique and beautiful, and any hardcore Naruto fan would go crazy with delight if they got their hands on one. The keychains and accessory chains are very sturdy and rust-proof. The pendant is glossy and waterproof. Your friend would definitely never take it off!


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